Accounting & Bookkeeping

Book- Keeping Services

Bookkeeping involves tracking and recording a business’ accounting activities. This includes invoicing, payments, making sure financial records are up-to-date, and generating financial reports.

Complete and organized records will-

 enable you to focus on customer service and business growth;

 remind you of expenses you can deduct and tax credits you can claim;

 make it easier for you to determine your taxes owing;

 provide you with information on the past and present financial positions of your business;

 help you make good business decisions;

 assist you in getting loans from banks and other lenders;

 help to prevent problems if your returns are audited; and

 possibly help you in selling your business or bringing in new partners.

Start a Business

To start a business, Promoter needs to comply with various rules and regulations like incorporation of business to regular compliances. And as our tagline indicates “Partnering for Progress”, We will be with you for assisting you in your business.

Finbazaar will assist you by providing following services:

• Company/LLP Incorporation

• MSME Registration

• Firm Formulation

• MIDC Plot Application

• Trademark Registration

• DSC Preparation

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