Project Financing Services

Project Financing Services

One of the toughest challenges for a startup is evaluating various sources of finance and raising the money needed to get going. You are the entrepreneur, and you believe you have a great idea that you can transform into a successful business.

Business loans are the most common source of funding, not only for startups but also for small and medium-sized businesses. Banks and other financial institutions offer many types of business loans in return for regular interest payments. They will need you to have a solid business plan in place. Your plan should show potential and have numbers to back it up.

Having a good idea is not enough; you need to have evidence to support it. In some cases, banks might ask you for something as collateral, but every situation is different. If you don’t offer collateral, they might charge you a higher rate of interest but this will help you in avoiding bad credit too.

Incentives and Subsidies

Government provides various kind of incentives to start-ups. The objective of providing incentives is to motivate an entrepreneur to set up a new venture in the larger interest of the nation and the society. Incentives may be financial or non-financial. 

Non financial incentives push an entrepreneur towards decision and action. Entrepreneurs in India are offered a number of incentives. These incentives normally aim at reducing some of the problems faced by small scale industrialists. Subsidy: Subsidy is a financial assistance or a sum of money provided by a government, to an industry for public welfare or interest. 

It is any financial aid, grant, or contribution. Bounty: The term “bounty” denotes a bonus or financial aid given to an industry to help it to compete with other units established in country or in a foreign market.

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