Taxes are levied by governments on their citizens to generate income for undertaking projects to boost the economy of the country and to raise the standard of living of its citizens. There are two main categories of taxes, which are further sub-divided into other categories. The two major categories are • Direct tax – Tax that are to be paid directly to the government by the individual or legal entity. For ex. Income Tax • Indirect tax – Collected by the provider of goods or service from the consumer on behalf of the government. For Ex. Goods and Service Tax, Property Tax, Professional Tax, Etc.

Income Tax

FinBazaar will assist you by way of following services:

• Tax advisory services

• Tax planning

• Assistance in preparation and filling of tax returns

• Assistance in preparation and filling of TDS returns

• Tax representation before Assessing Officer and other tax authorities

• Annual Compliance

• Replies to Income Tax Notices

• Tax Assurance Services

• PAN Card Application

Indirect Tax

FinBazaar will provide you following service

• GST Registration

• GST Return Filling

• E-way Bill Generation

• GST Annual Return Filling

• GST Notice Reply

• GST Input Tax Credit Reconciliation

• Advisory Services

• Professional Tax Registration

• Professional Tax Payment


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